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i hear theyre left handed by koosh-llama i hear theyre left handed by koosh-llama
inspired by the wonderfully detailed work of Heather "Khyot" Beader..
... i read somewhere that all polar bears are left-handed... i wonder if it's true?
hand painting based on the artwork of the people of the First Nations of B.C.... it's puurdy

(watercolor, prismacolor pencil)
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midnightkitsune87 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2006
verry nice..
like the butterfly on the paw
btw, i know a polar bear who is left-handed so that might help out in how true your titke is :]
Ishaway Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
wow that looks great! Reminds me of the Armored Bears from 'His dark matterals', by Philup Pullmen
Melwasul Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2004
pdaoust Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2003
WHOO!!! Go BC! :) (Smile) (local pride) I love BC First Nations art; there's a gallery in Vancouver with a lot of native sculpture and painting. And a museum in the capital that we always used to go to that had all sorts of scary masks, and a real live fake longhouse that we could actually go in! And it was really creepy because you could hear guys doing their drumming and chanting, but there was no-one there...

Anyway, I love this picture. Not only is the painting well executed, but I love the posing. The bear just looks like he's busy trying to concentrate on something that is taking him a bit of effort to do. You can see it in his face and in his hunched-over shoulders. +fav
cozmictwinkie Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2003
*points* It's me! Bored out of my mind waiting for LOTR to start!

Ok, maybe not. Still...uh...lefties rule!

Amazing pic. The fur is very realistic, as is the shading. Wow. Cool :) (Smile)
kecamboo Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2002
This is a really cool pic. great work.
bananafish Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2002
This is cool!
koosh-llama Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002   Filmographer
P.S. the design on the hand is a bear on top of a salmon... i didn't think about this when i posted it, but i more-or-less 'paraphrased' it off of a poster i've got... credit should technically go to the poster artist... i don't have it in front of me, but i'll ammend that when i get home...
siedhr Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
whoa, very, very good. what is that? a fox?
the expression on the bear's face is priceless. he's looks so wise and concentrated.
senorrandom Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
WHOA!!! this is one of your best pieces yet... very well done....
shoomlah Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
...Says you. So, erm, am I a polar bear? Craaazy. So's Jack the Ripper, go us. I love the piece, I totally got the Ky 'jive' from it when I saw it- coolio, chickadee.
vanillatea Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2002   Writer
Very pretty =) (Smile) And cute!
silentkitty Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
Ooh, this is very nice.. I love the style that it's done in, and all of the attention to detail in the bear's fur is a really nice touch.

Not sure about polar bears being left handed, but this one does seem to be. ;) (Wink)
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December 11, 2002
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